What is SeatJunky?

When shows, concerts, sporting events and other venues have tickets that have not sold out they come to SeatJunky.com and give those tickets to our members, FREE! There tickets are available exclusively to our members. Venues that work with us include concert, sports stadiums, symphony halls, live theaters, comedy clubs and many more venues.

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Free Tickets

Free Tickets

Get free tickets to a variety of entertainment including theater, concerts, comedy shows, sporting events and more. Tickets are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please note, we don't get tickets to sold out shows as those shows don't need help filling seats.

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Behind the curtains

The seat filling concept (aka "papering the house") has been in existence for many years. No venue/theater/house is too big or too small to need a little help with filling their seats from time to time. We know the goal of all shows and venues is to sell all the tickets to the show however we also know that very rarely happens. That is where we step in to help. We create a win win for the shows/events and the community, by filling what would have been empty seats with great people who now get to tell all their friends and family ( many who are locals) of how great the show/event and venue is. This helps boost the reviews and ratings for future show dates. Having those empty seats filled also helps the entertainers and paying customers have a better experience. So whether a show/event is having a media night, being televised or just plain having trouble selling tickets we are here to help.